Hot House // Dazzleship

We had a great talk from Alex from Dazzleship come talk to us in one of our Hot House sessions. Dazzleship are a creative studio based in London that work in many different fields such as script writing, art direction, motion graphics, video production, 3D animation and CGI, commericals, UI design, photography, graphic design and illustration (among others!). They call themselves a creative team of thinkers, makers and doers and they have worked with many big brands.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 15.27.44

The talk was about the studio and the work that they do and how they came to be the studio they are and the some of the processes and challenges they faced on projects they’ve done.

Some key points he spoke about was that you can learn almost anything online these days and to make yourself a versatile creative – don’t be a one trick pony, the more you do the more you appeal to people in the industry. Immerse yourself into the culture. Problem solving, leadership, storytelling. Stories are everywhere. Doing the work is the easiest part, gaining the client’s trust is the challenge. 

Although I have no experience in motion graphics and all that kind of design and creating it was a really, really good talk and I felt inspired at the end of it. Alex was a great speaker and he talked about a lot of useful things to think about and apply to our own practice and work. I think I was among others in saying it as a great talk.

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