Workshop // Book Binding

Cecile was teaching a book binding workshop this week and because I am on work experience with her I was to go and assist and take part in the workshop. I have done a few book binding work shops on different kinds of binding but this workshop was on sectioned, hollow spined hard bound binding. I didn’t have any of the materials that are needed but luckily Cecile came well prepared and I managed to scavenge enough materials to make a small book. We were also even given a drawn and written out manual of what we were doing so we can recreate it. Cecile would give a small demonstration and then us student would be sent off to complete the next step of the workshop.

We started off with folding our pages into groups of three sheets and making at least 5 sections of these grouped papers. We then sewed the sections together before glueing the pages that will be on the inside of the cover to the paper and glueing the spine to stick down the thread. The next step was to make the spine of the book out of kraft paper by folding and layering the kraft paper so it becomes thick and stiff then cut down the top and bottom of the spine about 3-5 cm lengthways. We get onto the rest of the cover and cut our board and depending on how you are going to bind it cut your book cloth or covering paper. before glueing and sticking it all together and voila! You have a book!

The workshop was draining and after a whole day of binding I was exhausted but it was super fun! I really like book binding and I think it’s really rewarding to make a book from scratch and the thought that you bound it yourself is an awesome feeling. I want to use book binding for my final major project and so I will be getting the materials and practicing making more books and I also want to recover my sketchbooks as well so they can look nice and neat. It will make them look more like a collection as well if they all are similar.


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