FMP // Defining

As I keep going on my final major project it keeps changing even just a little. At the moment I’m getting into the research of adoption and the ways it’s portrayed in children’s books and how it’s addressed in other ways and places like in art and writing. I was having a conversation with my mum about it as she is over in Sydney and bringing over a lot of photos she can of me when I was small and she was saying that she found it interesting the lack of stuff out there from the parents perspective of adopting a kid and what it will be like and all that. It is really interesting and it is something I hadn’t thought about. What is it like for a parent adopting a child and bringing it up as your own?

I’ve started already but I want to continue to draw from the photos of of myself when I was younger and continue to develop the drawings and styles and different ways of mark making. I also want to start looking at books on adoption (Mainly children’s books) and perhaps find some art that addresses the issue of adoption or someone else’s opinion or perspective on it. I’m really starting to try and delve into the idea and issue of adoption and how far I could take it in this project. I will do so by continuing my research.

(Disclaimer: Header image is not mine. Can be found here)


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