Design Comp // Re-resume

Rosie Jo Resume small 20160318As I said in my previous post about my visual identity I waned to change my resume and simplify it and after playing around with the layout and what information I would put on it I cam with a new, cleaner and more simple resume that I am happy with and feel quite good about and still I think gets me over in the style of it.

Now all I have to do is sort out my portfolio out and possibly bind my works and add some more sketches and then I think I have my visual identity sorted. I think this will be something that will obviously develop as I grow as an artist/designer but for the moment I am pretty happy with this!

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Visual Research // Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrilla’s work is really lovely and very diverse too. I think his more illustrated style where he uses traditional marks really cute and lovely and his more digital work more provocative and remind me of Olimpia Zagnoli’s style a little bit. Like the other artists I’ve looked at I can see this artist would make some really nice editorial illustrations and effective ones too.

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Visual Research // Olimpia Zagnoli

Olimpia Zagnoli is an Italian illustrator from Milan. We were shown some of her work when Nous Vous were introducing the brief to the class and I really liked how bold and bright her illustrations are. I can see how she can be used for editorial pieces, her images make you look and intrigued about the article. They’re really eye catching and soft and I think she must have a lot of fun creating her illustrations because they look very fun.

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Visual Research // Andrew Rae

When looking up Andrew Rae from the list of artists recommended to us to look at for the editorial brief I instantly loved his work. His cartoon style is really cool and the way he uses layers characters upon characters makes for really visually interesting work. I think I am more of a fan of his line work but his works are all cool and all tell a story. I love his attention the amount of detail that goes into all his illustrations.

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Visual Research // Luke Best

luke-best-1Luke Best is a London based illustrator and we were pointed in his direction to look at for our editorial brief  and I can see how his works would work well as editorial illustrations. He has a very colourful style and his works look great in colour. I think the brightness and vividness make them visually striking. I like the use of layers or overlapping in his pieces, it gives some depth to the flatness of the illustrations.

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FMP // A New Idea

So after going to the Foundling Museum, I was so inspired to take a different angle and make a different kind of book then a children’s book.  I want to make a concertina book with quotes about adoption in it and do some illustrations along side it. I think it could make a really nice book that isn’t necessarily for anyone too specific. It could be for adopted teens and older or it could be for people who aren’t adopted to maybe understand adoption a but more. It’s not something I imagine being part of a campaign but I could see it being sold in book stores. I chose a concertina book because I want the book to flow all as one piece as well as be able to be read page by page.


(DISCALIMER: Header image not mine. It can be found here.)

FMP // Foundling Museum 

As research for my FMP I went along with my mum to the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury on a sunny Sunday afternoon. My mum was the one who found it and it was a really interesting trip. The museum is part of the Foundling hospital which was founded by Thomas Coram after campaigning for it for 17 years. From 1741 when the first babies were brought in to 1954 when the last pupil was placed in foster care. The hospital cared for and educated 25,000 children.

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FMP // Illustrations of Me

I took some of the photos my mum brought back from Sydney and did some illustrations of myself and of other possessions like my old swimsuit and my first pair of shoes. I use watercolour a lot in my own work so I wanted to use it to paint myself and then I decided to be more simplistic with the clothing. I like the way they look, almost empty because they won’t be worn again but they are worn from being old and hidden away for years.

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