Design Comp // Rosie Jo

So part of the module Design Competition we are also thinking about our professional practice and within that is our visual identity as an illustration/designer and our personal branding. For myself my visual identity has to get over across that I’m more of a traditional artist and work a lot with markers, ink and watercolour.

Rosie logo

MY LOGO / My logo is obviously my name, or well a more of a shortened nickname version of my full name and I drew it out with black watercolour paint in my handwriting. I hand wrote it to show that traditional hand drawn quality that my work has and it’s a bit rough and ready which goes along with this, I’m not a precise, extremely neat artist but I like that quality. I chose the circle around the name as it is a nice rounded, shape that organically goes with the hand writing. It all flows well together. I took the logo into Illustrator and created a vector of it which made it a more of a harsh, bold logo then the original painted version. I think this makes it stronger but I think I will have a version that is more of a watercolour quality for things like possibly my future website.

I came up with the way of writing my artist name from just writing and writing it in notebooks and pieces of paper while watching/listening to things and it kind of just stuck, it became more fluid and now I can write it almost subconsciously. I think I still will use my signature on my works as it’s small and doesn’t look to obvious but I also think this could look nice too, that/s something I will have to look into.


MY BLOG DESIGN / Like I said above, the use of the watercolour in my header with my logo gets over that hand drawn quality and shows a little bit of the kind of work I do, so it gives a taster of my work. I struggled at first with the layout and theme of the blog but I’m quite happy with how it’s come out now that I’ve learnt a little more about how to customise it and use different functions it’s looking better. I didn’t want it to be too busy either, although I’m a little rough and ready with my style, I really like minimal web design and not over cluttering it and making it as easy to read and navigate as possible.

MY RESUME / To go with the rest of my visual identity I wanted my resume to reflect that too. My current design that I think I will refine and make a but more simple and cleaner, is this watercolour and geometric one. I know my visual identity so far hasn’t shown much geometric in it but I have done and do geometric portraits and illustrations and I wanted to bring that through into my visual identity somewhere and where better than my resume!? I think it shows something a little different to the watercolour, rough side to my work. I also have two different designs and I quite like the small folded resume that kind of fits in places better and is easier to transport around. There is something kind of daunting about a A4 resume in front of my, I like the revealing quality a folded resume has. I also included a geometric portrait on the back of my resume to add a bit of a personal touch and so the viewer can get a picture of what I look like. I think it’s fun and looks kind of funny.

What I want to change to my resume is to make the watercolour less dark or to not use watercolour on the whole of the page and just perhaps on the titles of each section of my resume or just on accents of the resume. I basically want to make it a little more minimal without losing information and just neaten it all up a bit to make it easier to read.

MY PORTFOLIO / When thinking of how to present my portfolio I first thought of the outside, although really the work and what’s inside the the portfolio is the most important part but I am more unsure of the outside then the inside. I like the idea of the box that I chose. The brown cardboard goes along with my visual identity with my logo painted on the front. It’s simple and effective, I feel. Although because of using a box I need to find a way of presenting my work inside it and I’m not hugely keen on loose sheets of paper. For hand in I just used a band of paper to hold together the different types of work and then used the box to put in different bit of work in that aren’t prints. After thinking about it I think I will need to rethink and redo the prints. I think for the time being I will just hold them together with some bulldog clips but eventually I like the idea of binding a portfolio myself. The only thing I worry about it having enough work to make a decent sized book and not a big but very thin book. I like this idea as it would make my work look more professional and then I can still use the box and put the book/s into the box to keep them clean and tidy and to transport them and other work around.

I have most of my visual identity realised but I think my resume and portfolio need the most work and development until I really feel confident and sure of how well it shows my visual identity and gets my practice and myself across. I think my blog will continuously develop as I keep using it.



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