Dissertation // Laying It Out

This week we had to hand in the final draft of our dissertations and I think a lot of people were racing to write up their essays. I fortunately had almost all of my essay written before hand having just the end of my essay and the conclusion to properly write up and add to and images to be put in. I’m glad though that we are getting the opportunity to get it properly looked at as well as make us get it all finished weeks before the deadline so we aren’t panicking then.

My next problem when it comes to my dissertation is the layout. I am putting a visual typology of the changing image of the mermaid along side my essay and the morning of the hand in I was glued to my computer trying to work out how I should lay it out and add the images needed. This task sounds easy but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I’m not an expert at InDesign in any way and I’m still learning as I go along. I played around with putting my essay into portrait and landscape layouts putting in the text and with my limited knowledge of InDesign was finding fitting the text was being hugely annoying and such a tedious process and I was sure there was probably a way to create the text box so it would flow throughout my document and not individual text boxes on each page. So I emailed my Cousin who works in graphic design to ask for help and she’s told me about linking the text boxes together and I am get to try it out but all I can say is I’m glad I still have some time to play with it over Easter which I fortunately will be seeing my Cousin so she can help me out.

(Disclaimer: Header image is not mine. Can be found here)


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