Local Universe // Words & Pictures

Our next studio brief is on editorial illustration. We’ve been asked to create two illustrations to go alongside an article of our choice from the list they gave us.

The articles we can choose from are:

Day the East End said ‘No pasaran’ to Blackshirts

Show me an aerosol-toting, graffiti-daubing hipster and I’ll show you my nunchucks

Killing the Cass would be a tragedy for British design

The Strange Tale of the Aldgate Station Ghost

Love and Loss in E1

Competing to Tell Jack the Ripper’s Story

Brick Lane: Gentrification threat to Spitalfields Bangladeshi community

London’s Rioters Are Thatcher’s Grandchildren

As you will notice each article is about the local area around the university to tie into the theme of the studio. I chose the second article about hipsters and the area around Shoreditch and Brick Lane. The article was quite funny and I think that’s what drew me to the article and as I love the area I thought it would be a nice article to illustrate for.


(DISCALAIMER: Header Image not mine. Can be found here)


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