FMP // Foundling Museum 

As research for my FMP I went along with my mum to the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury on a sunny Sunday afternoon. My mum was the one who found it and it was a really interesting trip. The museum is part of the Foundling hospital which was founded by Thomas Coram after campaigning for it for 17 years. From 1741 when the first babies were brought in to 1954 when the last pupil was placed in foster care. The hospital cared for and educated 25,000 children.

tokensThe hospital dealt with orphaned or abandoned children and my mum and I were really interested in the tokens that were on display. They were a little piece of something or coin or object that the mother would leave with the child when they were brought into the hospital.

There was even exhibitions and works from the likes of David Hockney among artist residencies and commissions that touch on the conditions, and emotions and experience of being a foundling or orphaned or abandoned etc.

There was an exhibition called Drawing on Childhood, that had illustrations, some original and some commissioned for stories that had characters that were orphaned, adopted or abandoned. Stories like Snow White, Cinderella, Oliver Twist, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Rapunzel etc. They had illustrations from artists Quentin Blake, George Cruikshank, David Hockney, Phiz (Hablot K. Browne), Arthur Rackham, Thomas Rowlandson, Nick Sharratt and Stref.

The trip was very useful to my FMP and I got a lot out of it. It also has helped me with the current studio brief on the local area and has inspired some of my ideas.


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