FMP // Superman Was A Foundling

There was an exhibition at the Foundling museum in the cafe by Lemn Sissay. On the walls of the cafe he had written in vinyl was the names of loads of fictional characters from well known books and stories who were either orphaned, abandoned, a Foundling or was adopted. You can see all the names of the characters here.

Here is a time lapse video of the putting up of the exhibition:

I had never really thought about how many fictional characters were in these categories, there were some I didn’t know were adopted or orphaned or abandoned etc. It was really interesting and it was a really big inspiration for my final major project. It got me thinking about a different angle of my project that I could take and just focus on adoption and not necessarily on just myself. I like the idea of exploring people different experiences and opinions and views etc. of adoption because I feel like there is a stigma around adoption that we are unfortunate because he are no longer with our birth family. It doesn’t focus on the fact that our adoptive family is our family now.





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