Design Comp // Getting Social

So I’ve been trying to get on top of my visual identity and the different places I can get my name out there online and fixing things up. I’ve had a Tumblr blog for my art for a while but it was a second blog underneath my regular account and it meant that it got mixed up with my regular account and I wanted to make it separate so I added a new art blog to my inspiration Tumblr account so my inspiration and my own art are linked. I think it perhaps works better and people who visit my art Tumblr will be able to be linked to my inspiration blog.

I also wanted to redesign it in a way. Change the theme and take out the pieces of work and posts that I may not want there anymore and kind of make it more presentable. I also did little things like tag my work so that when people want to find maybe something specific like a project or a type of work I made an index of categories of work that I’ve tagged each work as so it fits into at lease one of these. Just little things that made navigating around my blog easier.

I chose Tumblr because it’s easy to use and if you buy a domain name you can use it and create an actual website from it, there are also loads of great free Tumblr themes out there to choose from and make your blog/website look more professional. Tumblr blogs are also customisable if you know coding and if so it is possible to create your own themes. I think it has a lot of potential and there are a lot of users on this website meaning getting your work seen is not too hard as long as you tag your work well.

I also in the last few days made a Facebook page, I know a lot of people who have one and I had always told myself that I  would get around to doing it but I finally got the motivation to do it and it wasn’t that hard at all and it’s actually a great way of getting people you know to see what you are doing (as well as people you don’t know) I even managed to get some interest and a possible contact only a day or so after setting it up so I was very pleased with how it has gone down so far!

I also have an Instagram account which is more of a personal account but I do post a lot of sketches and drawings up there too and not too much personal stuff. I want to change the username to fit my visual identity but my business cards already have my current username so I will wait until I need new business cards. I’m okay with it being different for now.

I have pages and accounts for the inspiration that I get. I always like seeing what inspires other artists and it can help the audience perhaps see where the artist is coming from and trying to achieve. Things like mood boards are great to get ideas across about perhaps project you want to do, are in the process of or past projects. So I made an inspiration blog on Tumblr and a Pinterest account to put together ideas and things that inspire me and show the sorts of things I like creative or non creative. It kind of makes things more personal between the artist and the audience. Pinterest is great because I can have a board for a university project or theme and continuously add to it and then it’s like a collated digital visual research and inspiration mood board.

These days having an online presence is so important when you are a creative whether that’s in music, art, design, photography etc. any creative industry applies. With everyone spending so much time online and the rise of internet famous people all you need these days is the right person to see your work or your website or blog etc. and spread the word. Reblog it, retweet it, like it, favourite it, follow it etc. Online is the simplest and easiest way of getting your name and work out there to the masses. So, spending time and effort into making a great online presence is essential.

You can find all of these linked on this blog and feel free to go and check them out!

(DISCLAIMER: Header image is not mine. Can be found here)


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