Local Universe // Summer Show

The summer show is approaching and at uni we’re starting to think about the work we want to be displayed during the exhibition. Obviously you want your best work to be shown and that involves curating all the work you have done this year into what shows you as an artist better.

One of my favourite projects was the Sign Language project. I think they are really nice illustrations, it’s one of my favourite projects this year. As prints and or originals I think they are a fun addition to the exhibition.


I really would like my editions project zine to be displayed. I think it’s one of the strongest pieces from the year and reflects the kind of work I like to do and will be doing after uni. I think my Getting weird zine would look nice along side it. (I don’t have photos of the zine but it looks just like the one below only a different but similar story.

(The illustrations inside the Getting Weird zine)

I also would like my posters of Rough Trade to be up. They are also one of my favourite pieces and I think the screen prints turned out really well and the printing process has given it a really nice quality.

For the last studio project I created a series of screen printed post cards of illustrations of objects from an exhibition at the Museum of Childhood. I think they would be a really interesting edition to the exhibition.


And of course my FMP project!


(DISCLAIMER: I do not own the header image. You can find it here)


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