FMP // Group Tutorial with Emily

In our studio, us third years had a group tutorial with Emily. We each spoke about where we are with our FMP projects and she would give us feedback well as from the other in the studio.

I was originally going to hand draw and make the book in a concertina book from Cassart but was advised not to as it wouldn’t show much work and would be more of a sketchbook. So, from that I am going to do the work, scan it in to the computer and put it all onto InDesign and print it out and bind it myself. I’ve had difficulty with printing concertina zines before but I’m sure I can figure it out.

Emily also didn’t like the style I wanted to use (the geometric style)as she didn’t think, like I wasn’t sure about, it was really relevant or added anything to the quotes or illustrations and preferred my other types of drawing I had done. So, I’m going to use the watercolour style that I used for the illustrations of me as a child.

We also talked about what type I was going to use for the quotes and most people agreed handwriting would be really good and would look better than digital type. A suggestion was to have different people write out different quotes so I will definitely look into that.



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