FMP // Tutorial with Heather & Dolly

Our studio had Heather and Dolly Thompsett come in to have tutorials with us to have a new set of eyes and perspectives on our projects. I showed them my final major project book and they loved it! They said they loved the project and the ideas behind it. The only criticism they had was the use of lines in some of my illustrations, especially of the portraits and the illustrations of me. They said I need to work on line and colour and how to use them together. I personally I really like the illustrations as they are so they will probably stay as they are.

They said that other than that I should leave it as it is and not do the watercolour background. They just said to print out each page and then lay them out on a table and rearrange then until I find a layout that looks good and then lay it out on In Design.


(DISCLAIMER: Header image is not mine. You can find it here)


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