FMP // Almost There

The hardest part of this project for me is the printing process. It’s probably the part I find the most difficult to understand. I am just at the stage now where I am ready to print and my next stage is to go to the printers and consult with them the best way to print it and the cheapest way too but mainly what will work better.

The Consultation

I went in to ask the printers whether they could print all in one long print or whether I would have to print it in sections and they could do it all in one long print. So, they did a test print and I said I would be back with the ready file to print.

The test print came out pixelated and I was sure it was just because the links weren’t saved in the file and it wasn’t exported properly because I wasn’t intending to print that day.

I had a go trying to fold my test print to make sure it would fold properly. It took me a while of measuring (which is not my strongest point!) I had it folded, not the neatest fold but it folded, so I can just take more time with the final one to make sure it’s looking as best as I can.

The Final Print

After getting the document set up with crop marks and bleed and exported them to the highest quality I went back and the printers sorted me out. My book was printed all in one long print, which was at least 2 metres long. The quality of the print was good and the images came out really well.


(DISCLAIMER: Header not my image. You can find it here)


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