A B O U T //

Name: Rosie Storer

Age: Twenty-Two

Studying: BA Hons Illustration

Drawing has been a massive part of my life, ever since I could hold a pencil or crayon or marker I have been drawing. Throughout my life I have spent a majority of it drawing whether in my notebooks at school or in my room, at a gallery or museum or on holiday.

I moved to London to study art and design. The amount of inspiration this city has given me has been immense. Art and design is everywhere in this city and sometimes you have to stop and take a look at it instead of rushing through London’s busy streets. I fell in love with British music, pop culture, fashion, design, art, food, film and architecture and I realised this is where I needed to be but more importantly wanted to be.

In 2012/13 completed a Distinction from my Foundation Diploma at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom before beginning my BA (Hons) in Illustration at The Cass (London Metropolitan University) in September 2013.

I aspire to work in the art, design, music, film, fashion and food industries throughout my career as a creative individual.



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