Design Comp // Getting Social

So I’ve been trying to get on top of my visual identity and the different places I can get my name out there online and fixing things up. I’ve had a Tumblr blog for my art for a while but it was a second blog underneath my regular account and it meant that it got mixed up with my regular account and I wanted to make it separate so I added a new art blog to my inspiration Tumblr account so my inspiration and my own art are linked. I think it perhaps works better and people who visit my art Tumblr will be able to be linked to my inspiration blog.

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Design Comp // Re-resume

Rosie Jo Resume small 20160318As I said in my previous post about my visual identity I waned to change my resume and simplify it and after playing around with the layout and what information I would put on it I cam with a new, cleaner and more simple resume that I am happy with and feel quite good about and still I think gets me over in the style of it.

Now all I have to do is sort out my portfolio out and possibly bind my works and add some more sketches and then I think I have my visual identity sorted. I think this will be something that will obviously develop as I grow as an artist/designer but for the moment I am pretty happy with this!

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Visual Research // Layouts

For my reflective diary for Design Comp I’ve been looking at layouts, mainly publication layouts as I will be creating a form of publication, book, magazine etc. I took to pinterest as I find they have a huge arrange of layouts on there and some really amazing design. It’s been very inspiring and having a pinterest board is a good way of compiling a lot of things like a mood board digitally and easy to go through later. Here is a pinterest board I made on layouts.

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Design Comp // Colloquy Groups

I was asked along with a few others in my year to take the Design Competition class. We were in charge of forming groups within the class to show each other our work for hand in to help each other develop our work.

After telling everyone what was going on, Chris went through the lists of what we needed to do and then we went of into our groups and were busy for the morning just discussing each others works.

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Hot House // Cecile Barstad

On the last day of term we had our last Hot House talk from none other than our own tutor Cecile! She teaches us third years Professional Practice which is part of the Design Competition Module. The talk was on how to set up our own studio / how to plan your success.  It was a really useful talk on planning and organising and tips and advice on setting up your own business/studio.

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Visit // The London Illustration Fair

For design competition module we were asked to go check out the London Illustration Fair (would have gone anyway!) and look around and get some inspiration from the different artists and how they present their work.

There were so many amazing artists and some that I even recognise from shops and from online, which is always cool! There was definitely a lot of inspiration taken from the morning and the artists all seem so nice too!