FMP // Almost There

The hardest part of this project for me is the printing process. It’s probably the part I find the most difficult to understand. I am just at the stage now where I am ready to print and my next stage is to go to the printers and consult with them the best way to print it and the cheapest way too but mainly what will work better.

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FMP // Tutorial with Heather & Dolly

Our studio had Heather and Dolly Thompsett come in to have tutorials with us to have a new set of eyes and perspectives on our projects. I showed them my final major project book and they loved it! They said they loved the project and the ideas behind it. The only criticism they had was the use of lines in some of my illustrations, especially of the portraits and the illustrations of me. They said I need to work on line and colour and how to use them together. I personally I really like the illustrations as they are so they will probably stay as they are.

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FMP // Being More Illustrative

After my tutorial with Kim and after I wrote out all the quotes with ink and a dip pen, I scanned them all in and begun to put together my illustrations with the text making the text weaving around the image. I also brought in the illustrations of me as a child and decided to use them, they make some of the quotes stronger when put against the quotes about children.

FMP // A New Idea

So after going to the Foundling Museum, I was so inspired to take a different angle and make a different kind of book then a children’s book.  I want to make a concertina book with quotes about adoption in it and do some illustrations along side it. I think it could make a really nice book that isn’t necessarily for anyone too specific. It could be for adopted teens and older or it could be for people who aren’t adopted to maybe understand adoption a but more. It’s not something I imagine being part of a campaign but I could see it being sold in book stores. I chose a concertina book because I want the book to flow all as one piece as well as be able to be read page by page.


(DISCALIMER: Header image not mine. It can be found here.)

FMP // Foundling Museum 

As research for my FMP I went along with my mum to the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury on a sunny Sunday afternoon. My mum was the one who found it and it was a really interesting trip. The museum is part of the Foundling hospital which was founded by Thomas Coram after campaigning for it for 17 years. From 1741 when the first babies were brought in to 1954 when the last pupil was placed in foster care. The hospital cared for and educated 25,000 children.

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FMP // Illustrations of Me

I took some of the photos my mum brought back from Sydney and did some illustrations of myself and of other possessions like my old swimsuit and my first pair of shoes. I use watercolour a lot in my own work so I wanted to use it to paint myself and then I decided to be more simplistic with the clothing. I like the way they look, almost empty because they won’t be worn again but they are worn from being old and hidden away for years.

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