Inspiration // London Sketchbook: A City Observed

This is a book I saw once in the shop at Kew Gardens a while ago and it made me think of the Buildings brief we had at the beginning of the term and then for christmas my parents bought me the book because of how much I loved it when I saw it. It’s a collection with watercolour illustrations of London by Graham Byfield with text by Marcus Binney.

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Local Universe // Taking 2D to 3D

For the third part of our small project, Buildings, we took our drawings we did the week before and made 3D models of our buildings.

I didn’t make a model from my drawings but instead created a little beach shack on the spot sticking together bits of wooden sticks, thin bits of wood and some purple paper with black duct tape.

It’s rough and not too stable but it was fun to make and after we finished we put them all on a table and kind of made our own city or town which had a lot of character!

A very fun morning!

Local Universe // Creative Architecture

Our second part of the project, Buildings, we were asked to product four A3 pieces using drawing, painting, collage and all of the above.

I’m not great at collage myself and it ends up looking a bit like a kindergarten kid’s work. So I mainly stuck with drawing and painting.

The aim of the drawing was to perhaps create your own buildings from elements of the buildings we had seen while drawing outside. We could also make patterns and abstract pieces.

I drew some quite classical style buildings and a building scape, I’ll add some more photos soon!**

Local Universe // Buildings continued

After Tuesday’s field drawing session drawing buildings I still needed some more drawings and photos and I wanted to explore more of the boundary we were given. Seeing as I had dissertation class that afternoon I took to the streets in the morning and walked from Tower Hill station and up to the St Botolph’s without Aldgate, drawing at Mary Jane’s on the way.

I kept going even though it was quite cold and windy outside but that aside I really enjoyed drawing outside and got into the flow of quick, loose drawings.

I walked around the area of Petticoat Lane down the back streets where I hadn’t been before and the highlight of my trip was finding this lovely old building, a soup kitchen for the Jewish poor built in 1902. The building was of the style of the era but it was elaborate and beautiful. Just as I was drawing some of the details of the drawing a tour group came up and started talking about the building. It was interesting hearing about how the Jewish poor used to make up children in order to get more soup and more rations.


I drew a few other buildings other than these and it wasn’t long before I had to go to class but I was really glad I gave the time to go out and do more of it. I think I will do more of this even just in my personal sketchbook.

**Will be back later to update with photos of my drawings!**

Local Universe // Buildings

The first term of the Local Universe is C O L L E C T – basically it is about collecting as much visual research and information as we can, mainly from drawing and sketching. It’s not about always creating pretty pictures but loose, sketched out quick information of the subject or object.

On our first day of studio classes we were given our first brief and project: B U I L D I N G S

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