Local Universe // Doughnut Forget Me

For the second task for the Sign Language brief was to redesign/reimagine a sign or logo that we think doesn’t work. I chose Dum Dum Doughnuts’ Sign out their store.

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Visit // Branding, Packaging & Advertisment Museum

As part of the Sign Language brief for Local Universe it said we should visit the Brand and Packaging Museum. So, I looked it up and after having a look around Portobello Road Markets went into the museum to have a look. Because of the place still being set up the entry fee was only £2.50! It was a small exhibition/museum but with loads and loads of stuff in it! I absolutely love food packaging and I think some of my favourite designs were the old victorian and early 1900s elaborate and detailed typographical packaging.

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Local Universe // Sign Language

For our third brief in the studio were are looking at signs, packaging and advertisements. We were asked in our own time to go out in the area around uni in the boundary to find signs. Shop signs, official signs (road signs, warning signs), unofficial (warnings, graffiti messages), food packaging and advertising (posters, billboards, flyers).

So on a gloomy Thursday morning I set out and had a little walk around the area taking photos of signs as I went along. I decided to go down towards Whitechapel as I hadn’t walked around the back streets there much and loop back round to Commercial St & Brick Lane. Here’s what I found:


I found a lot of shop and cafe signs more than road work signs and things but I suppose I look out more for cafes and shops than road work signs. I also picked up a menu from one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in the area, Sushino En which has their logo on the back.

Some sketches:

I didn’t find as much stuff as I’d like and I suppose I was being a little selective with the type of stuff I was looking at but I was rushed for time. But I will probably find some more while I’m on the tube or walking around the area while I’m on the go.