Design Comp // Creative Cinema

Our videos were due and so to have a final crit of everyone’s video we set up a little cinema in the room we use for competition module. I was happy about the set up as none of us had to get up and talk before or after our videos, people just said their comments after the video was over.

Some videos were absolutely excellent and others like mine were nice but with more time and skill could be even better!

I quite liked the task, even if I was very much intimidated by the idea of making a video but I managed to come up with an idea that might dictate some work post university so, all in all I learnt quite a but from this project.


Design Comp // Working on the film pitch

For my video I decided to make illustrated typographical pieces of paper very much in my style, illustrating what the book is and about. I kept it simple and perhaps I could have done something a bit better quality. But I think I did not too bad with the time but I tried to be as efficient with using as little materials as I could and be quite crafty with it. But I do think if I had perhaps a little more time I could have made a bit more of a convincing video.

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