Local Universe // Getting Weird Crit

It was finally time for us to hand in our narrative pieces for the Getting Weird brief and I felt quite good about my pieces.

We took it in turns to sit at our little round table and show the rest of the third years in our studio the work we had produced. There was some brilliant work and great stories coming out of people’s things that they found. I think my narrative went down well and that they liked the illustrations and said to try playing with scale and making a little zine, maybe in a concertina style. I’m pretty keen on playing with this idea as well which will help towards our next brief.


Local Universe // Getting Weird

The next brief from the studio was Getting Weird. Where we were asked to go out and photography and draw weird, strange and unusual findings from the local universe area.

I went out on Wednesday morning and walked around the back streets of Whitechapel and up around Brick Lane. I found it very hard to find unusual things when I was purposefully looking for it, unusual and weird things that happen always happen when you’re just minding your own business and just so happen to be there at the time.

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