Local Universe // Scream Printing

This week I screen printed my posters, wanting to get in the workshop before the rush of everyone else wanting to get their posters done. Thinking I was very organised and I was actually but my first day of printing was a little bit of a nightmare. It was y first time screen printing after just having done an induction and I was nervous about using the equipment but very excited to give it ago and see how my work would come out.

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Local Universe // Ready To Print

After scanning them in I edited them a bit for example filled in some white areas black that I hadn’t bothered to fill in with marker. I’m super happy with these designs and think they look simple but really cool and funky. While messing around on photoshop I thought I’d try inverting it so that the background when screen printing would be black or a solid colour so I did so and absolutely loved the broken record design inverted, even the other one looks really cool but I thought it would be cool to have one of each kind so that they are a bit different.

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Local Universe // Rough Trade, Rough Drafts

I sketched out various ideas the week we were given the brief for the posters and I really liked one of my ideas, the one with a broken record on the front. This one stood out to me because of the title, Rough Trade, I immediately see the poster being a little rough around the edges and use hand typography, not neat. My way of working isn’t very neat or detailed so I thought it would fit well.

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Inspiration // Crispin Finn


Crispin Finn is a design studio based in London and Margate. The studio is made up of  Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly and they create illustration, design, screen prints, stationary, ephemera and assorted wares.

I was drawn to their style when we were shown a piece of their work during our briefing for our next project which is on posters and prints and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their use of typography and bright, bold colour. They have an almost vintage style with a contemporary, clean, digital (and print) twist. They’ve even done some work/products that I have seen out and about and had been interested in. I absolutely love their imagery and will be a huge inspiration for our new brief.

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