Design Comp // Work Experience with Gille & Cecilie Week 1

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks at the Gille & Cecilie studio in Shoreditch for work experience. The first week was really insightful in ways of working and the process of working through a project and I found it really interesting how focused I was while in the studio and the amount of work that can be produced from a small task.

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Visual Research // Layouts

For my reflective diary for Design Comp I’ve been looking at layouts, mainly publication layouts as I will be creating a form of publication, book, magazine etc. I took to pinterest as I find they have a huge arrange of layouts on there and some really amazing design. It’s been very inspiring and having a pinterest board is a good way of compiling a lot of things like a mood board digitally and easy to go through later. Here is a pinterest board I made on layouts.

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