FMP // Superman Was A Foundling

There was an exhibition at the Foundling museum in the cafe by Lemn Sissay. On the walls of the cafe he had written in vinyl was the names of loads of fictional characters from well known books and stories who were either orphaned, abandoned, a Foundling or was adopted. You can see all the names of the characters here.

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Local Universe // Words & Pictures

Our next studio brief is on editorial illustration. We’ve been asked to create two illustrations to go alongside an article of our choice from the list they gave us.

The articles we can choose from are:

Day the East End said ‘No pasaran’ to Blackshirts

Show me an aerosol-toting, graffiti-daubing hipster and I’ll show you my nunchucks

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Studio Culture Week // Build

Last Friday was our studio build and set up day and I went in excited to shape our space and make it something nice to work in!

We knew it was going to a long day and students were everywhere trying to see what they could scavenge from around the uni. Some students didn’t even know our space was a studio and tried to take some of our stuff away! In that way it was sort of manic but I thought my studio, Local Universe, were well organised and we all communicated well and got to it!

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