Visits // Creativity in the Digital Age

Tara and I went along to the Apple store in Covent Garden to a talk called Creativity in the Digital Age. My expectation for the event was a big room filled with people and a big stage and for the talk to be about mainly digital art. I was pleasantly surprised when we turned up and it was a very intimate setting. There were four square tables on the mezzanine of the Apple Store and a small stage with some director style fold up chairs. There wasn’t too may people there, around about 20-30 people. The talk was also being filmed and recorded.

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Visit // Ginger Moose Exhibition

IMG_8004For Design Competition my two friends Marta and Sophie chose the exhibition route and teamed up to put on an exhibition in the cafe of our university. They went under the collective of Ginger Moose and put up a few collections of their work last night for the public and sold prints, cards and stickers.  

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Visit // The London Illustration Fair

For design competition module we were asked to go check out the London Illustration Fair (would have gone anyway!) and look around and get some inspiration from the different artists and how they present their work.

There were so many amazing artists and some that I even recognise from shops and from online, which is always cool! There was definitely a lot of inspiration taken from the morning and the artists all seem so nice too!

Visit // The World Goes Pop!

For competition module we were asked to go and see the new pop art exhibition at the Tate Modern, The World Goes Pop. I was interested to see how this exhibition differed from other pop art exhibitions and it did! It was an exhibition looking at pop art in other places in the world other than the western ones and it was very interesting. Our agenda for the visit was to look at the curation of the exhibition and lay out as well as the works themselves.

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Local Universe // The search for Inspiration

For this week’s Tuesday class we were told to go out to comic, zine and design stores around London to get some inspiration and to show the tutors what kind of work we’re interested in.

I met up with Leon and Shannen at Gosh in Soho before going to Stoke Newington and looking at some of the design shops. I really enjoyed just going out and looking in book and design stores although I had to stop myself from buying loads of stuff!

Here are some photos below:

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