Workshop // Book Binding

Cecile was teaching a book binding workshop this week and because I am on work experience with her I was to go and assist and take part in the workshop. I have done a few book binding work shops on different kinds of binding but this workshop was on sectioned, hollow spined hard bound binding. I didn’t have any of the materials that are needed but luckily Cecile came well prepared and I managed to scavenge enough materials to make a small book. We were also even given a drawn and written out manual of what we were doing so we can recreate it. Cecile would give a small demonstration and then us student would be sent off to complete the next step of the workshop.

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Workshop // Colour Seperation

We had a studio work shop on colour separation for our prints project. The workshop was to help us get our prints ready for print especially when using two or more colours. We first looked at some examples of posters and their composition and how they use colour, direction, the way you read/look at them.

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Local Universe // Collaging

For our Friday session, we were looking at Collaging and using the photocopier to enlarge textures and patterns and moving it around to create some cool patterns.

I had been ill all week and hadn’t had the time and well being to get some cool artsy flyers and things but I’m sure I had some magazines somewhere at home. Nevertheless I picked up what I could which was Time Out and NME magazines. At first I didn’t find anything of use as we were looking at things that would relate to our FMP. But after thinking about different ways I could use it and after Emily showed us some examples I thought about how I could use magazine patterns and such to help with my character drawing and ought I could use some patterns and such as dress patterns and clothing. So I looked again through my magazines and found the first few patterns I could find and cute them out. I also cut out the woman on the front of one of the NME covers as she had similar length hair and a nose ring like me and decided to use her and cut her eyes out and put a spattered paint pattern behind her eyes and photocopied it. The results were pretty cool!

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Studio Culture Week // Build

Last Friday was our studio build and set up day and I went in excited to shape our space and make it something nice to work in!

We knew it was going to a long day and students were everywhere trying to see what they could scavenge from around the uni. Some students didn’t even know our space was a studio and tried to take some of our stuff away! In that way it was sort of manic but I thought my studio, Local Universe, were well organised and we all communicated well and got to it!

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Workshops // Animation Station

Last Friday Kieron gave us a little workshop on making puppets for animation, showing us the different materials and ways of putting together the skeleton and foundation of the puppet before building onto it to create the character. He mentioned that animations like Wallace and Gromit use this kind of armature to give the puppet/model  more mobility and stability but as Kieron explained they also need to be as light as possible so it can stand up on its own.

It was a very interesting workshop as someone who doesn’t know a whole lot about animation so of course I learnt new things!

Blog Week // Working with Photography

Our last talk for blog week was from Heather on using photography to show our work either for portfolios, competitions, work or on the blog. It was a really helpful and easily understandable talk and I think a lot of people will take a lot away from it. We looked at a lot of different aspects of photography and how it can show your work in different ways.

It was about understanding your work and asking yourself what is it you are photographing, what is it for and how you are going to go about photographing it. She talked about variety of full work shots as well as detailed shots and that sometimes using a photo that might not necessarily show the whole piece of work can be more effective, strong and dynamic. But always making sure people can see what it is. Use things like light to show the glossiness of the paint on a painting or photography the book standing up or open to show that is is a book etc.

Another aspect relating to this was to not to edit the photo so your work looked different in the photos to what it does in reality, it can be misleading and change peoples views on the work.

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Blog Week // The beginning of the journey

Blogging is new to our course this year and being under Visual Communication and in a very technological world where we spend so much time online what a better way to get our work out there and create an online presence as well as have a record of our whole academic year in one, easily accessible place.

We were sat down for a talk and tutorial by our tutors Ricardo and Sara to help us get started and help set up our blogs. The room was crammed with all of us from Illustration and Graphic Design from both third and second year and left some of us not able to see much from our seats. I think If we had done it by either course group or year group it would have gone down easier as it may have been better to get everyone to pay attention and to understand every step but of course that can’t always be arranged.

The tutorial was lenghty and hard to keep up with sometimes but I think most of us got the gist of how to basically set it up, along with the instructions from Ricardo’s resource. I left the tutorial a little confused but it wasn’t hard to set it up when I got home. I think for anyone it takes some time to get used to a new program and how it works before you can use it smoothly and confidently. I use other blogging websites such as Tumblr and have been used to using that platform so I am getting a little confused now and then on how WordPress works.

Apart from all the set up and confusion and now finally posting, I can say that I look forward to keeping a blog. Being able to curate and publish my work on a platform that is new to me is exciting and I can’t wait to see what it looks like by the end of the year!